Art of the Heel is the machination of a drag queen who has had enough of asking the question, “What can I do?” and decided to just do.

My Call To Action
Since the 2016 presidential election I have been trying to find a way to use my art as a singer and drag performer to contribute to the on-going political conversation. I was also feeling the call to actively make a positive contribution to the communities, causes and programs that I support.

I believe that my duties as an American citizen go far beyond obeying the law, paying taxes and sitting on jury duty. I believe that it is my duty to know, understand and exercise the rights and liberties given to all citizens by the Constitution, and to fight against those who wish to take those rights and liberties away. I believe it is my duty to stay informed on political matters and speak my mind. I believe it is my duty to be an advocate for those of my fellow citizens whose voices have been silenced by oppression or injustice. I believe it is my duty to build bridges of respect among our citizens and break down barriers of ignorance between us.